Friday, October 19, 2012


“I just wanted to hear your voice”
Right! How else could I possibly start a beautiful day but with a very random phone call? I don’t know why you called; it’s been months since our last conversation, since I realized something and decided to distance myself from you. What can you possibly want from me now? I wanted to befriend you, but I realized it would be impossible, with you always ranting on how I left you before and how you’d always ask me to try and see if we could make it work this time. In all honesty, I wanted too, but the last relationship I had ended up so ugly that I lost my appetite on love, romance and its synonyms. I’m just not ready to commit again…yet. I know you are with someone else now, I could tell that she likes you a lot. Which brings me back to my question, why’d you call me?  Okay, I might’ve an idea why and I think that’s real cute and sweet. Then again, guilt eats me up; you are not supposed to behave like that. We are not friends; you don’t have to check on me. We’re two people with history and I reckon it’s improper to say cute and sweet things to people from your past especially when you have someone in present. It’s just wrong.

I don’t know. Try to ring me in 2013. Maybe then, some irony in life would’ve melted. Like, people would stop running away from people who loves them and people would stop running after people who doesn’t love them. Maybe then things would be better for us. Maybe.