Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seoul search

I was on a 10-day-seriously-what-the-hell-are-we-thinking-when-we-planned-this trip to Korea. It was the craziest, ever-failing but funniest vacation I ever had. I was granted the visa 1.5 days before our departure, the result? No itinerary, freshly-packed luggage and numb nuts that didn’t bring clothes that are “weather-appropriate” (stupid face here). I caught flu on our first day. I wasn’t really feeling well so after having our late lunch, I thought it would be better if i spend the rest of the day in bed (well spent, yeah? mehe). I wasn’t really expecting any more out of this trip since bad things kept happening even before our departure. But hey, it turned out to be real FUN.

N-Seoul from our guesthouse :)

I got heaps of OMG, WTF and "there's nothing much in Korea, bet you'll get bored"; well sorry guys, I was never bored in Korea, not a second. Bleh. The trip was practically spent exploring places near Seoul/Incheon. Initially, two days were allotted for Busan but it is just impossible for us for two reasons: 1. we really like to lurk around and appreciate whatever that we are visiting and 2. getting around Korea is not that easy because 2.1. (of) language barrier, 2.2 we can’t just hire cab and tell him directions because cab drivers follow rules and they don’t just u-turn whenever you want them to hence the higher possibility of getting lost unless you call your host and let him speak to the driver, 2.3 taking the bus is more complicated since they don’t have real signage like “Cubao” or “Davao” instead, they have assigned numbers and these numbers indicate the routes; I mean sure, they have these tiny boards on bus bay, problem is, I CAN’T READ HANGEUL. So your best bet is to take the subway (which is pretty confusing at first), get off the nearest station and WALK.

Some of my been there, done that moments. 

 Myeong-dong, my love! :)


N-Seoul Tower's Locks of Love

What do these locks symbolize? Uhh, go figure. LOL 

Of course, we had to do it too! (Cheesy? Yeah, stop judging!) 

Zeh Tower.

View from observatory

There's an integrated ticket for KW 10,000 which covers five palaces (but we only visited two) Hehe.

Our witty guide

Ah, the details!

Because I'm into trees

..and sky and twigs hoho

..and old guys LOL

Field trip?

Petit France accepts guest :)

The Winter Sonata Couple, Nami Island

Tired. T_T

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